Helium Whisper has revolutionized the modular load carriage system - creating a new standard of modular attachment system suitable for the demands on modern gear.  Helium Whisper is the thinnest, strongest, lightest MOLLE attachment system in existence. 

The heart of Helium Whisper technology is the single piece modular backer made of a high performance laminate called ULTRAcomp™.  Lighter and simpler MOLLE backers eliminate the weight penalty of modularity while offering other benefits that exceed current issue load carriage.

HW backer diagram

Helium Whisper is simpler and more durable than legacy MOLLE systems.  On a legacy double M4 magazine shingle, 27 different parts are used to create the MOLLE backing, weighing 84 grams.  Helium Whisper technology turns that same pouch backing into only 6 parts, at 44 grams - saving weight, manufacturing difficulties, and failures common to legacy MOLLE attachment methods.   

Backer Comparisons

Helium Whisper is truly a win-win solution for both the manufacturers that produce Helium Whisper gear and the warfighters that rely on it. Helium Whisper offers benefits and gains to manufactures of modular load carriage and is the easy solution for manufacturers who are a part of the lightweight equipment revolution.


US Patent No. 8,720,762
US and International Patents Pending